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Reputation Marketing

Building a 5-Star Reputation Online then Leveraging that Reputation to Convert More Customers is key to success

Your reputation is your business’s most important asset

FACT: Without at least six to ten 5-Star Reviews, your business is NOT TRUSTED. Every business is only 1 Bad Review away from a Bad Reputation. You must protect and nurture your businesses reputation at all costs; otherwise, you will lose every opportunity to your competition!

Reputation marketing puts the power of social proof to work for your business. That’s why we recommend reputation marketing for any business that wants to position themselves as the clear market leaders and destroy their competition.

Consumers look up an average of ten reviews before making a decision. Additionally, 70% of consumers trust a business with a minimum of 6-10 reviews within the past few months. The bottom line you MUST manage your reputation marketing in order to beat your competitors.

Your business is not credible (in the mind of new prospects searching for your product or service) without five-star reviews. This can make the difference between your phone ringing and not ringing — more to the point, the difference between your phone ringing or your competition’s phone ringing.

Steps in Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is the process of building a 5-star reputation online in order to separate you from your competition without bias. At that point, we market your awesome online reputation to increase sales.

  • Build your reputation online. This involves finding your reviews online, claiming your public listings, and repairing bad reviews if possible.
  • Execute sales strategies to leverage your great reputation online.
  • Manage your reputation by monitoring it consistently.
  • Rinse and Repeat

Another step in the process is to create a culture in your business that invites five-star reviews and reduces the negative reviews. Any employee in your business can have an off-day, but you want to limit those bad experiences and repair the damage as quickly as possible. You are always only one review away from a bad reputation.

Marketing a 5-star reputation is the greatest opportunity there has ever been to gain the advantage over your competition and establish yourself as the clear choice and market leader in your industry. Doing nothing is just an invitation to your competitors to take that lead from you while you watch them do it.

Learn about your business reputation today and how reputation marketing can help

Do you know your reputation online? Contact us for a free, comprehensive report ($197 value) or complete the form below. This report is the best first step in identifying exactly how your business is perceived by customer and prospects alike. We look forward to helping you get awesome results and increase business!


Reputation Marketing Success

In today’s competitive marketplace every business wants the kinds of customer that already knows you, likes you and trusts you as if they were referrals.

  • A Bad Reputation
    (Under 3 stars total)
    Clearly, a bad review can ruin your reputation. However, there are ways to prevent a few bad reviews from tarnishing your name.
  • No Reputation
    (No reviews in past 6 months)
    You are competing against businesses with good reputations online. Your propects are looking for someone they can trust. If your competitor has a 5-star reputation and you have none, you will never win that business.
  • A Good Reputation
    (Mix of Good and Bad Reviews)
    Even a good reputation isn’t enough to compete in today’s marketplace. You need to make sure your reputation matches your competition and that you have more reviews than they do!
  • A 5-Star Reputation
    Everyone loves a business with a 5-star reputation; however, you need to make sure your reviews are current in order to show you continually provide a good product or service.

Neither of the first two will ever get your phone to ring. Good reviews are OK, but even a good reputation will never beat a competitor with even slightly better reviews… and a competitor with a 5-star reputation will win the battle, every, single time!

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