What is Web Marketing?

Web Marketing, commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing or even Digital Marketing, is fast becoming the number one means of increasing visibility and conversations.  This is because the majority of people looking for your products and/or services are searching the web for a business like yours.  Thus, web marketing can produce new prospects and new sales by placing you in the places where customers are looking to find you.

What is Web Marketing and Will it Work for My Business?

Perhaps you have thought about investing in online advertising.  Maybe Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads or even a listing on Yellow Pages, Yelp or Trip Advisor.  These are all fantastic ways to gain exposure for your website, but they are only helping you gain exposure on their own website and not in the broad sense.

Web Marketing, which is a carefully planned marketing strategy to produce organic leads, is all about finding your sweet spot on the web and investing money, time and effort to promote the success of this essential business resource.  Web marketing is there to create connections between your “Keywords” and your “Website” then to in turn create a connection between your “Website” and your “Ideal Customer”.  These connections help to build incredibly successful rankings with major search engines like Google and Bing, as well as the hundreds and thousands of other search engines that you don’t hear about every day.

In order to build a successful web marketing campaign, you have to do your research and decide where to put all your resources.  This is similar to when you opened your business.  As business owners, we spend the time researching our competitors, understanding our ideal customer, creating the best products and/or services and planning our approach to gaining their trust and loyalty.  To mold a successful online business, you have to separate the online business from the brick and mortar because they are run in a completely different manner.

For example, as you create your location or home office for your business, you decide how you will generate new clientele.  Again, you will consider things like direct mail, cold calling, sales reps, networking groups and you may even post on social media letting friends and family know that you are open for business in hopes that they may spread the word.  These are all fantastic approaches to building a successful business, but web marketing can also complement these efforts and engage people who are outside of your reach.  A reputable Web Marketing Agencies can help to add new tools to your tool house without disrupting your currently successful methods of attaining new business.  Let’s examine for a second what web marketing can and will do for your business if you let it.

Understanding What Web Marketing is Capable of Doing for your Business

To start, Web marketing is so much more than just a few ads on Google and Facebook, it is creating the best possible situation for your business to have both economic growth and exposure to your ideal clientele.  A web marketing agency will typically create a plan to get you the most value for your investment.  This takes time and skills to understand the benefits of one approach versus the ineffectiveness of another and knowing when it is time to try something new.  It is so important that the company you hire can offer more than just the singular search engine optimization plans that we often see today.

A singular search engine optimization plan is a boxed version of web marketing that is simply created equal for every business.  This is not going to help your business to gain exposure because you will not have the effect of creating a custom plan that works for your niche market.  These plans are only limited in their success because they only target a fourth of what you may need to gather an audience.  Be sure to do your research and know that the company you invest in is truly invested in your companies best interest.  Keep the following information in mind when hiring a web marketing agency.

An effective web marketing campaign should:

  • Produce higher levels of traffic than your site has ever seen
  • Climb to the top of Google and other major search engines
  • Secure new business
  • Claim your place on the “interwebs” (we all love this new word which just means the internet)
  • Surpass your competitors
  • Utilize popular keywords in your industry to help prospects find you
  • Create carefully crafted backlinks

This is a tall order, but it is necessary for creating a successful search engine optimization plan.  Take the time to get to know web marketing and what it could do for your business.  Take a peek at the following articles for reference.  When you consider purchasing SEO or web marketing services, remember what is the goal and be sure that the goal is being met.

Here are some great articles to read to learn more about web marketing: 

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